Empowering high-risk pregnant women

Feel powerful in knowing your body during pregnancy and postpartum, with conditions such as high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes.


Health Data Tracking

Daily tracking of blood pressure, heart rate and weekly monitoring of proteinuria and weight with legally marketed devices.*
*CE marked or registered with/cleared by FDA


Life-Style Guidance

Learn through expert, engaging content to embrace all aspects of your and baby's health during pregnancy.


Wellness Support

Weekly mental health check-ins with helpful habit nudges.


Care Team Communication

Share your data with your gynecologist and care team.

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Patient Quotes

«I would have loved to learn more about my signs and symptoms while being safely monitored from home.»

Doctor Quotes

«The ability to assess vital signs outside of the office hours with little effort increases safety around a high-risk pregnancy for patients and their care providers.»

Knowledge + Care = Power

4 of 5 pregnancy related death are preventable

We are on a mission to empower women with information and hope to save lives.