Empowerment begins with curiosity

High-risk pregnancy can be scary and discouraging; however at Adira, we believe every expectant mother should experience the joys of motherhood. This begins with early awareness of the condition, signs and symptoms.


Health Data Tracking

Daily tracking of blood pressure, heart rate and weekly monitoring of proteinuria and weight with certified approved devices.*
*CE or FDA


Life-Style Guidance

Learn through expert, engaging content to embrace all aspects of your and baby's health during pregnancy.


Wellness Support

Weekly mental health check-ins with helpful habit nudges.


Care Team Communication

Share your data with your gynecologist and care team.

New care pathway

Enabling lifestyle changes by developing healthy habits


Your doctor recommends Adira Service at your first visit

(typically week 10-14 of pregnancy)


Adira Kit arrives for onboarding with the Adira App

Lifestyle Change

Between check-ups use Adira App to build healthy habits

Blended Care

Choose to share data with your doctor for your in-person visits with Adira's connected care